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the story for our soybean

“Don’t send soy sauce again, the two boxes you sent last time still have inventory in my house.”

This is the reply we often hear every time we send soy sauce to farmers. The first person we want to share the most is hard work The farmers who cultivated the best quality Taiwanese soybeans and wheat for us.

In the early days, in order to persuade farmers to contract with soybean oil burgers for planting and production, they were mistaken for liars. Every time they squatted in the soybean fields and communicated with farmers throughout the year, it became the best scenery of this cooperation. Doyoubo can become a high-quality brewing brand recognized by consumers all the way is the support and trust given by farmers.

Douyoubo is the only food brand in Taiwan that all soy sauce series products fully use Taiwan’s soybeans with full raw beans.

In addition to the stable climate and clean water in Pingtung, Zhutian has become an important high-quality brewing place in southern Taiwan. DoYoubo realizes that the preservation of raw materials is another necessary investment.

After the harvested soybeans are transported to Zhutian in Pingtung, proper and safe storage space must be given to avoid the aflatoxin in soybeans during the storage.

Taiwan’s soy sauce brewing technology is greatly influenced by Japan. Even in Japan, the market share of soy sauce brewed from whole beans is only 2.4% (Source: Soy Sauce Book/Shimao Publishing). Although there are also brands that launch soy sauce brewed from whole raw beans, it is impossible to use all the products of the brand Soybean itself is rich in protein, using the whole soybean to brew soy sauce is to retain the best nutritional value

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