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Special thanks to our soybean farmer, DYB 50 years anniversary

Source: Verse 2022/06

In connecting with the land, DoYouBo gained farmers’ trust through steady partnerships, establishing mutual trust and a sense of mission to protect Taiwan’s miscellaneous grain agriculture. DoYouBo’s partnerships with farmers have gradually expanded from individual small farmers to production and sales groups. With production areas throughout Taiwan – black beans from Shanhua, Soybeans from Meinong and Hualien, wheat from Dongshi, etc. – DoYouBo has established an industry chain for local sauce production from upstream farming to downstream sales.

The Farmers, the Strongest Power Behind the DoYouBo

The DoYouBo has been collaborating with farmers in Taiwan for over 15 years. During this time, we have always upheld the principle of not letting down the hard work of the farmers. We are constantly improving our brewing processes, developing more food products made from soybeans, and actively expanding our sales channels, to let all of Taiwan see the farmers who support the DoYouBo and protect Taiwan’s fine agriculture, the most potent power behind us.

Leading with the highest-quality brewing and standing with farmer friends

100% growth in Taiwan, Made in Taiwan

In order to reduce the rice cultivation area and improve Taiwan’s self-sufficiency in food, the Council of Agriculture has launched a plan to promote the expansion of acreage of miscellaneous crops. Mr. Zhou, who serves the Kaohsiung District Agricultural Research and Extension Station and is known as “Mr. Edamame,” helped the farmers on the Hengchun successfully restore Taiwan endemic species black bean from the ecological restoration. However, he encountered difficulty in market sales.

LuLu, who happened to know Mr. Zhou, tried the small black beans fried and brewed with hot water under his recommendation. The moment she drank it, she felt an unprecedented sweetness and bean fragrance, which completely changed her perception of Taiwanese beans. “It’s so delicious! The delicate and sweet taste is different from the unique flavor of imported beans. It must be perfect for soy sauce.” Born in a brewing family and familiar with the taste of soybeans, Lulu still has a great sense of surprise when she recalls the encounter with the Taiwan small black beans.

Because of this “drinking” surprise, Lulu immediately decided to purchase a dozen cities of small black beans, not only solving the sales difficulties of the farmers that year but also opening the opportunity for DoYouBo to fully adopt the brewing of soy sauce with 100% Taiwanese-grown soybeans and wheat. She even turned to agriculture cooperation and promoted the revival of Taiwan’s miscellaneous agriculture.

One bean, whole bean

Unlike other soy sauce companies who mostly use “defatted soy flakes” in the brewing process, which involves using a chemical solvent to extract soybean oil to become the raw material for soybean oil, and the residue being soybean meal, DoYouBo is one of the few brands in Taiwan whose full range of soy sauce and seasoning products are brewed using “whole Taiwanese soybeans”.

Lulu says, “The reason DoYouBo continues to use whole soybeans, despite the higher cost, is not just because it is a traditional process, but also because we believe that the taste and flavor of the brewed soy sauce is better this way.”

As DoYouBo approaches its 51st year, we continuously expand our facilities, stabilize our quality, increase our production to collaborate with more Taiwanese farmers, increase the soybean growing area of soybean cooperation, and purchase more quantity. Every step forward will be taken alongside the farmers we have worked with for many years, continuously promoting and sharing Taiwan’s high-quality grains and inviting everyone to taste the unique flavor of Taiwan’s land.”

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